And Now...We Wait


Today I took my written and practical test for my personal trainer’s certification.  I have to say that it was not as bad as I thought.  A few questions were a little tricky but that’s bound to happen, especially since it’s difficult to tell what pictures are demonstrating sometimes with the way things print.  But that was pretty much it for the written part.

The practical part on the other hand was really nerve-wracking.  This is how it worked: Each student went in to the weight room and would grab a card from the instructor.  The card was the exercise that you would be required to instruct—it could be anything ranging from a crunch or squat to a bench press.  In addition to the exercise it would tell you who the client is and what modifications they might need.  For example, I had a forty year old male with knee pain.  There was another student in the room who played the client.  After reading the card, you were to act as you would if you were their trainer, basically introducing yourself and then instructing the exercise while telling them what muscles the exercises works, etc. 

After you would instruct, the other student would leave the weight room and the instructor would ask you to demonstrate exercises that work the opposing muscle groups as well as stretches.  Then, you would remain in the room and be the next “client.”  It wasn’t terrible but it was definitely intimidating because other people were in the weight room working out while you were fake instructing.  Also, I always think it’s a little more nerve-wracking whenever you have to role play with your peers.  However, when you’re a trainer, you just have to get over the awkwardness pretty quickly—because let me tell you, there’s a lot of it.

So now is the worst part—I have to wait eight weeks in order to find out if I passed my exams or if I have to retake the course. Yikes!


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