Dream or Reality?


I’m still waiting for this to sink in and I’m not quite sure if it ever will.  I will be studying abroad for a month in Italy-particularly Florence this summer!  I have always toyed with the idea of studying abroad but have debated because I’m a home-body and I was nervous about getting too homesick.

But, after looking into some program options over break, I discovered that there were summer programs that only lasted a month—that seemed like the perfect amount of time for me.  And, even better, the program was for education majors and political science majors.  I was so excited to hear about other education majors going on the trip, because chances are—I would know at least one person also going on the trip!

This past Thursday we had our first pre-departure meeting and upon walking in, I recognized at least five people which was such a good sign because I’m still a little nervous about this whole thing.  Best yet, these were people that I not only recognized, but have actually befriended in class or through EDU. 

Our professors introduced themselves (and I had 2 out of 3 of them before for class) and then they talked to us about their last time to Italy on this program and showed us pictures.  The pictures looked unreal and I can’t believe that I’ll be seeing all of this stuff first hand THIS summer.  It still seems too good to be true.  I am definitely starting to get excited but I really don’t think that everything has truly taken its toll yet.


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