In a Rush during Rush

02.07.2013 | Campus and Community

The past week or so has been absolutely crazy because it’s been Rush week—and I’m in two professional fraternities! For those of you who don’t know, Rush week is a time to get to see what each fraternity is about as well as what they do around campus and what they stand for.  So, as a member, I have been attending or running information nights, socials, and interviews. 

It has been insanely busy between my two fraternities, since a lot of the events happen to fall on the same night, leaving me about 2 minutes to get from one to the other or sometimes leaving me to choose between the fraternities because I only have time to go to one event.  It’s been strange being on the other end of the Rush spectrum, but I think I can get used to conducting interviews and being asked questions about our fraternity.

Despite being super busy, I have really enjoyed getting to know all of our potential pledges and look forward to getting to know them better! It’s exciting to know that we’ll soon have a bunch of new people to call our Brothers!  Good luck to all of you who are deciding to rush a fraternity—whether social or professional!


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