My Life: Jessie


Today is my 21st birthday and I really cannot believe that I am this old already! It is so weird to think that I will soon be having so many more oppo... More

The Long Haul

My Life: Jessie


I cannot believe that I am already back in the States—this past month has flown by so much that it doesn’t even feel like anything was rea... More


Amazing Experiences

My Life: Jessie

06.17.2013 | Culture and Society

Since we’re towards the end of our trip, we were given a three day weekend in order to do some exploring and traveling on our own. A small group... More


463 Steps Later...

My Life: Jessie

06.13.2013 | Culture and Society

Today a few friends and I got our workout by climbing to the top of the Duomo, which is 463 steps.  We really weren’t sure what to expect a... More

Shopping Day

My Life: Jessie

06.12.2013 | Culture and Society

Today was our shopping day! In Florence, they are known for their one market, Mercato Centrale, which basically translates to Central Market.  Th... More

Santa Croce and Ufizzi

My Life: Jessie

06.11.2013 | Culture and Society

Today some friends and I went to Santa Croce and the Ufizzi museum, which is the largest art museum in Florence.  First, we went to Santa Croce, ... More

Art and Mexicano

My Life: Jessie

06.09.2013 | Culture and Society

Today a small group of us went to the Pitti Palace, which is where there are multiple rooms filled with artwork, including sculptures and paintings.&#... More


Cinque Terre

My Life: Jessie

06.08.2013 | Culture and Society

Today we took a day trip to a place called Cinque Terre, which translates to Five Cities. Basically, all of these cities are very close to each other,... More


When in Rome

My Life: Jessie

06.06.2013 | Culture and Society

For the past three days, the 26 of us have all been in Rome—it was only a four hour bus ride away! I really wish that we were able to spend more... More


My Life: Jessie

06.02.2013 | Culture and Society

This past Saturday, we hopped on a train at 4:30 in the morning and were on our way to Venice! We knew that it was going to be a pricier trip, but we ... More

The Past Week

My Life: Jessie


The past few days in Italy have been busy and wonderful!  During the week, a small group of us made a day trip to Pisa in order to see the leanin... More

Rocket Power!

My Life: Jessie

05.26.2013 | International

It’s my fifth day in Florence and today some friends and I just relaxed. More

I See Assisi

My Life: Jessie

05.25.2013 | Catholic

My one professor, Dr. Carter, had offered to tell us about whatever weekend trips he would be taking in case we wanted to join.  Today, he told us that he had planned on going to Assisi. More


My Life: Jessie

05.23.2013 | International

Today was my first full day in Firenze, which is how Florence is known to Italians. More

Adventure Time

My Life: Jessie

05.22.2013 | International

It’s weird how time works but today I left the United States and arrived in Florence, Italy. More