The Past Week

My Life: Jessie


The past few days in Italy have been busy and wonderful!  During the week, a small group of us made a day trip to Pisa in order to see the leanin... More

Rocket Power!

My Life: Jessie

05.26.2013 | International

It’s my fifth day in Florence and today some friends and I just relaxed. More

I See Assisi

My Life: Jessie

05.25.2013 | Catholic

My one professor, Dr. Carter, had offered to tell us about whatever weekend trips he would be taking in case we wanted to join.  Today, he told us that he had planned on going to Assisi. More


My Life: Jessie

05.23.2013 | International

Today was my first full day in Firenze, which is how Florence is known to Italians. More

Adventure Time

My Life: Jessie

05.22.2013 | International

It’s weird how time works but today I left the United States and arrived in Florence, Italy. More

Fast Paced Week

My Life: Jessie


This week was absolute craziness! Here’s a basic sketch of what my life looks like at this moment: More

Follow Your Passion

My Life: Jessie


I just found out that I got the job as a personal trainer at the RecPlex! More

Welcome to the World

My Life: Jessie


Right now I really want to jump in my car and drive the three hours it takes to get me back home to Cleveland. More

Relay for Life

My Life: Jessie

04.12.2013 | Campus and Community

This was the first year that I was able to attend Relay and I was so excited! More

A Day of Service

My Life: Jessie

03.09.2013 | Service and Giving

I feel like everything for both of my fraternities always falls on the same exact day but somehow I make it work! More

Comedy Night Done Right

My Life: Jessie


Tonight some brothers from Alpha Kappa Psi and I went to Wiley’s Comedy Club in the Oregon District. More

Dream or Reality?

My Life: Jessie


I’m still waiting for this to sink in and I’m not quite sure if it ever will. More

Big Happenings

My Life: Jessie


Today I am meeting my Little for my EDU fraternity! More

Road Trip!

My Life: Jessie

02.17.2013 | Campus and Community

This past weekend was spent in Chicago with some of my brothers from Alpha Kappa Psi—my professional business fraternity. More


My Life: Jessie

02.08.2013 | Education

Today I went to the SECO Conference that was being held in Dayton’s Convention Center with my cousin. More