In a Rush during Rush

My Life: Jessie

02.07.2013 | Campus and Community

The past week or so has been absolutely crazy because it’s been Rush week—and I’m in two professional fraternities! More

Major Conflictions

My Life: Jessie

01.23.2013 | Education

I don’t know what it is lately, but I’ve been feeling a little conflicted about my choice of major. More

A Day Off?

My Life: Jessie


Since its Martin Luther King Day, we didn’t have classes today; however it didn’t feel like much of a day off! More

And Now...We Wait

My Life: Jessie


Today I took my written and practical test for my personal trainer’s certification. More

Study Break

My Life: Jessie


It’s the first Saturday night back on campus and I’m sitting in my apartment taking a study break. More

Big Things This Semester

My Life: Jessie

01.14.2013 | Campus and Community

Last semester ended off with a bang, meaning that this semester is about to be crazy busy! More


My Life: Jessie


This week, I participated in Trunk-or-Treat twice.  For those of you who don’t know, Trunk-or-Treat is an event put on by the Neighborhood School Centers so that children within the community can still go trick or treating without being fearful of their neighborhoods. More

Fall Favorites

My Life: Jessie


I really can't believe that it's officially Fall! I am going to miss summer and warm weather, but here are some of my favorite things about the Fall s... More


My Life: Jessie


For the past few months, my brother and I have been busy planning a surprise party for my parents who are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary t... More

25 Years and Counting...

My Life: Jessie


Today is my parents' 25th wedding anniversary. I cannot say how fortunate I am that my parents are still together, especially throughout 25 years. Wit... More

Fall What?

My Life: Jessie


Supposedly, we just had Fall Break, but it definitely did not feel like a break at all! That's one thing that gets me every year. It is nice to have a... More

I Work Out!

My Life: Jessie


This year my roommate and I have been going strong at the gym. And by strong, I mean that we have been working out at least four times a week, which I... More

A Glimpse from the Other Side

My Life: Jessie


Now that I’m an upperclassman it is kind of funny to see things from the perspective of one. For instance, I remember going out on the weekends ... More

Road Trip!

My Life: Jessie


My roommate had invited me over to her house in Cincinnati to go to a cookout with her and her boyfriend that her family was throwing. I had never bee... More

Carnival Time

My Life: Jessie


Tonight my one friend and I volunteered at Edison for their “Carnival” on behalf of EDU. This is basically their “Meet the Teacher&#... More