Welcome to the World


Right now I really want to jump in my car and drive the three hours it takes to get me back home to Cleveland.  You want to know why?  My cousin just had a baby boy and it is killing me that I won’t get to see him for a little while. So far when any baby has been born in my family, I have been able to go to the hospital to see them.

But this time around I’m stuck on campus with meetings and classes that I can’t just escape to home.  The anticipation has been getting to me, as I have been receiving texts during each minute—when she went into labor, when she delivered, stats about the baby—but NO pictures!  I will be awaiting the text message that holds an image file. I am so happy that my cousin is recovering well and that the baby is healthy.

I can’t wait to meet you Tyler Patrick! The time cannot come soon enough.


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