Art and Mexicano

06.09.2013 | Culture and Society

Today a small group of us went to the Pitti Palace, which is where there are multiple rooms filled with artwork, including sculptures and paintings.  The artwork ranged from super old well-known pieces to a Modern Art exhibit.

I could not believe how many works of art there were and it was so cool to be able to see the real thing, especially the ones that I had seen only in my textbooks before.  There is something so surreal about seeing a painting like that in real life and they are so beautiful. 

In the palace itself is where Napoleon lived for a few years, so it was very neat to see all of the different rooms—some of them restored to what they had originally looked like!

Afterwards, we decided to go to the Mexican restaurant, because we were starting to miss some different kinds of foods (even though Italian is delicious, of course).  It was so much fun! The atmosphere of the restaurant was very upbeat and they had live Spanish musicians walking around while performing.  The food was also delicious and it was nice to have something other than pasta for a change!


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