Santa Croce and Ufizzi

06.11.2013 | Culture and Society

Today some friends and I went to Santa Croce and the Ufizzi museum, which is the largest art museum in Florence.  First, we went to Santa Croce, which was amazing! Santa Croce is known for housing the tombs of Michelangelo, Dante, and Galileo.  Furthermore, it has the Statue of Liberty in which ours was based off of.

Unfortunately, the main altar was currently under construction, but it looked like it was really pretty with lots of stained glass and gold trim.  Then, there was an outdoor courtyard which was very green and beautiful.  I wish that courtyards were still popular today, because they are everywhere in Italy and so nice and relaxing to hang out in.

Afterwards, we went to the Ufizzi museum which is the largest museum in Florence and holds the majority of famous paintings.  One thing that I miss is that the museums in Florence do not have the little plaques that our museums have.  I always enjoy reading those because they tell you more about the context of the painting as well as the interpretation behind it.  However, I did still enjoy looking at all of the artwork.

In the evening, we went to two different nightclubs which were a blast! What a busy day!!


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