Shopping Day

06.12.2013 | Culture and Society

Today was our shopping day! In Florence, they are known for their one market, Mercato Centrale, which basically translates to Central Market.  This is the place where vendors gather outside and sell scarves, purses, belts, leather goods, and other items.  Inside the market, is where they sell all different types of meats, fish, cheeses, homemade pastas, and all other kinds of food items.

Since, I am nearing the end of my trip, I wanted to make sure that I got some souvenirs before I run out of time here.  So, today I bought some scarves for myself and for my friends and cousins, some tomato and spinach flavored pasta, a leather purse for my mom and for myself, and a hand-painted ornament.

I am really happy with my purchases! I really like my purse because it’s different in that it’s a teal leather.  Also, it’s small but it fits a LOT inside of it which is perfect.  I also really like my ornament because it is hand-painted with different cities that I have visited on it, like Venice, Florence, Pisa, and Rome.  We have a tradition in my family where we each get an ornament each year that depicts an event in our lives, so obviously I had to get one while I was in Florence!


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