The Long Haul


I cannot believe that I am already back in the States—this past month has flown by so much that it doesn’t even feel like anything was real.  On our last night of studying abroad, we all got a peach Bellini in order to celebrate being finished with finals and to say our goodbyes.  We also took some group pictures on the Florence bridge during the sunset—which I can’t wait to see how those turned out.

On the long plane ride back I tried to stay awake the entire time.  My aunt travels often and had told me to do this because it will help you to adjust better to the time change when you return home.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard to do, I just listened to my music the entire time and talked to the person sitting next to me—that was one nice thing, almost everyone on our returning flight spoke English.

Even though I’m from Cleveland, I flew back into Dayton, because I didn’t want to fly by myself.  My parents met up with me and we had got a hotel room for the night. It must have been the adrenaline rush, because even though I was already up for more than 24 hours, I was able to stay up until about 10 o’ clock, hoping that I would be able to get back on track rather quickly.

The next day, my brother came up from Cincinnati and I told them all about my trip, showed them some pictures, and we all went out to dinner and to the outlet mall.  It was so nice to be back with my family even though I was definitely still jet-lagged and going through Italy withdrawal.

I definitely hope to return to Italy one day and even experience more places abroad.  If you are considering studying abroad...DO IT! It is truly one of the best experiences and decisions I have ever had in my life—you will not regret it!


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