Our House in the Middle of the Street

08.17.2013 | Campus and Community

I got to move in early because I have training for work that is mandatory.  But first, let me explain what happened with our housing.  My roommates and I were always under the impression that every student has the ability to receive housing in the Ghetto (Student Neighborhood), however, let me tell you right now that this is not the case.

The three of us had gone to housing several times in order to look at their housing binders (their website was under repair) and in order to ask questions, especially regarding if the three of us would still be able to get a 4 person house—we were told yes.  This made us feel slightly better because there were a lot more options for 4 people than for 3.

So, we went on a search throughout the Ghetto, checking off houses that we liked and crossing off houses that we didn’t.  When the day of the Lottery came, however, we were only able to view 3 person options, in which there was only one left.  We didn’t understand this because we had received a wonderful lottery number because none of us had write ups or anything that would prevent us from getting a good house.

We quickly selected our only option and figured that we would pick up something better in the Second Chance Lottery.  We called housing and explained our situation and how we were misinformed, only to find out that there would not be a Second Chance Lottery this semester, due to having too many people to place in houses. Fantastic.

Still staying on the bright side, we decided to check out our newly obtained apartment.  The first thing we saw when we opened the door was a steep set of stairs—not a good sign.  Currently, three boys were living there and when they explained to us that they hated it because it was dirty and small, we were thinking it was not going to be good. 

Once we walked up the steps, we saw the kitchen, which wasn’t terrible but was pretty small.  We knew that nothing was going to be as nice as Caldwell Apartments, but we at least thought that it would be decent, especially since it was for upperclassmen.  Then came the bedrooms.  These were so small that the one kid actually had his bed partly in his closet in order to make room for his desk.  The bathroom was even smaller, and they all explained the difficulty of sharing it.  These were BOYS—if they cared about this, then we were definitely going to have a hard time.

With not much time and no more options from housing, we decided to take manners into our own hands.  When we had thought that there was a possibility of the 2nd Chance Lottery, we had rejected that property, so now we were homeless.  We had to make some decisions...and fast. So, we started looking into landlord housing and Irving Commons.

Most of these were already full, especially the landlord houses because a lot of juniors fill those up right away, but we happened to stumble upon a 3 person house still available on Fairgrounds Avenue—on the farside of campus. 

My roommates’ and I went to go look at it and I instantly fell in love.  It is a really nice house and it was actually cheaper than Caldwell, even though we would have to pay for our own utilities.  We all called our parents up in order to double check with them and have them read over the lease to make sure that everything looked to be safe and okay.

Then, we signed the lease—in moving in today, I think that we will really like this place.  Yes, it’s not where every senior dreams of living, especially since its pretty much off campus.  But, it’s a home and we have a porch, a nice back yard, and we each get our own room—much more than UD is willing to offer with most of their houses.

So, I am letting you know that you cannot assume that you will be able to get a house in the Ghetto, but I want you to know that you can like living somewhere else so much better sometimes!


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