"Next Year"


I keep forgetting that this is my last year at UD and it is so sad every time I think about graduating.  So far, my famous phrase this year has been “next year.” “Oh, next year we should do this”, “Next year, we’re going to need”, “Well, next year, I’ll be sure to do...” And then it hits me...there is no “next year.”

Everything that I want to do in Dayton/college has to be done THIS year.  Everything has to be checked off the bucket list.  Sometimes, I do think that I am in denial, as I think that I’m going to be back all the time visiting my friends and hanging out around Dayton.  But the truth is, that life happens, and I have no idea what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be a year from now, which is so scary.

But, I think for now, I prefer to live in denial and enjoy my last year.  I’m just not going to act like it’s my last year just yet, because that makes things sad and difficult and scary. I would rather live for the now, have my fun, and figure out things later in the year. So, even though there technically is no “next year” it’s my phrase and I’m sticking to it.


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