Follow Your Passion


I just found out that I got the job as a personal trainer at the RecPlex!  I am so excited to begin this job and share my passion for fitness and nutrition with others.  Now, I have to begin shadowing other trainers to learn some techniques that are working for them as well as attend an orientation explaining our goals and guidelines.

This whole process has definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone—attending a class where I knew no one, role playing as a client and a trainer, and doing interviews in front of peers.  It was not an easy process, taking a three day workshop, practical exam, and written exam in order to earn my certification.

But, I can say that it was totally worth it!  If you have a passion, I think it’s important to follow it, no matter what may happen.  Things won’t be the same, but I can say with confidence that I will love going to work!


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