Go With the Flow


Earlier in the year the Rec Plex had guest yoga teachers come in and teach us their class, since they were UD alums.  They call their class “Go with the Flow” and basically it is yoga mixed with live music.  The live music matches the tempo of your breathing throughout the movements.

My roommate and I attended this event and loved it so much that whenever we found out that they were going to be giving a free class at RiverScape Metroparks, we had to go!  We had never yet been to RiverScape so we were excited about going to a new place AND being able to do yoga outdoors—it was a beautiful October day!

It was a much different experience at the park than at UD.  There were parents with their small children—I’m talking 4 year olds that were actively participating in the yoga sequences, people with their dogs, and then just people that were there to watch (which was a little uncomfortable).  We found an open spot, unrolled our mats, and set up camp.  This was the first time that I have tried doing yoga outside and it was very invigorating to be able to take in the fresh air with each deep breath!

After we finished our routine, my roommate and I decided to explore the park since it was such a beautiful day—we will definitely be coming back in the springtime when everything is in bloom. After attending two of these yoga classes, I have to say that I am hooked—no other yoga class will ever be the same!!


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