New Traditions

11.17.2013 | Athletics

My roommates and I have decided to begin a tradition of going to the Browns vs. Bengals games along with the Indians vs. Reds games.  We feel like this is going to be a great way to ensure that we all stay in touch even after the dreaded G-word happens.

Today, we headed over to Paul Brown Stadium in order to watch the Browns take on the Bengals (or for my roommates-the Bengals take on the Browns).  The weather wasn’t the greatest, but it was a lot of fun watching the game and tailgating in the parking garage beforehand. 

This time around, we went with my one roommate’s siblings so we had a larger group of people which made it fun—except that only 2 of us were Browns’ fans.  It was a close game (as they usually are) but the Bengals ended up winning.  I’m excited to attend these games each year and hope that our tradition will continue on for a while. Hopefully next time the Browns will win!!


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