Last Round of Christmas on Campus

12.06.2013 | Campus and Community

This would be my very last year participating in Christmas on Campus.  This year, I decided not to adopt a child, as I volunteered to work at two different tables with both of my fraternities.  One table was a craft in the science center, and the other table was a game at the RecPlex.

Unfortunately, the weather ended up being miserable and all of our participating schools had a snow day, so things were going to be a lot different this year.  There was much debate as to whether or not campus was going to cancel the entire event. 

However, it ended up being decided that Christmas on Campus would still take place and the community along with professors and their children would be invited to partake in the planned activities.  We didn’t have as many participants as we usually do, but there was still a good amount of people who decided to participate.

All of the gifts were donated to children in need and the children that did show up were able to partake in the planned crafts and games.  Even though this was much different than previous years, I still had a great time monitoring the kids as they played our ring toss game and wrote a letter to Santa.

Merry Christmas on Campus to all!


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