01.28.2014 | Campus and Community

It’s weird, because even though these first few weeks have been super busy with student teaching, I still feel like I have a ton of free time.  I am no longer in the professional education fraternity, as you leave once you begin student teaching, so I do not have any meetings or obligations for that anymore.

Then, in my professional business fraternity, I still attend chapter, but I am no longer secretary and pledge educator.  This has opened up a lot of my time, but I really miss being super involved in my extracurricular activities.  It is strange not knowing exactly what is going on anymore or not having to plan anything during the rush time of the semester.

At least I am still working as a personal trainer at the Rec Plex—which I have been loving! This keeps me occupied when I feel like I have nothing to do anymore, plus I get to make money doing something that I love, so that’s a major bonus!

I’m sure I will not always feel like I have a lot of free time, especially when I start soloing, but it’s strange to go from being super involved and busy to no longer holding any officer positions or needing to plan anything.


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