02.27.2014 | Education

Today was my last day with my 6th graders, which is crazy because I feel like I just got there!  I hadn’t even had the chance to write about it because it went by so fast!

Anyways, I absolutely loved every minute of it. Yes, there were some times that were extremely difficult to handle, but that’s only natural to happen while teaching.  During my time, there were fights, middle school drama, crying, vomiting, and other things that I definitely wanted to run away from.  But, they caused me to learn a lot and I was able to deal with many things that were thrown at me without any notice.

While soloing, my mentor teacher often was not in the room to provide me with advice or feedback on my lessons or classroom management so I was left to fend for myself and do the best that I could do—which really helped me to learn a lot of things about myself and about teaching.

I really love my students and all that they were able to teach me.  I especially enjoyed their humor and the relationships that I was able to build with all of them.  Today, they wrote me pieces of advice for when I become an actual teacher as well as gave me a gift card to the teacher store and a banner that they had all signed and left messages on.

My mentor teacher gave me a bouquet of granola bars, since that was always my favorite snack and an apple sign with my name on it.  Everyone was so generous and I am really sad to leave them. But, my first graders are waiting for me and I am sure I will be encountering many new experiences to learn and grow from!


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