St. Paddy's Day A New Way

03.17.2014 | Campus and Community

As almost everyone knows, St. Patrick’s Day is a big event on campus.  I was excited because this year was the first year that I was able to attend the Bar Crawl that happened last night (although it was more of a bar walk, because I had school the next day.)

Luckily I was able to attend last night, because my St. Paddy’s Day was going to be very different this year.  Following the tradition, I was up fairly early, however it wasn’t to go do any celebrating.  Rather, it was to go to school and teach my first graders.

Even though I didn’t get to enjoy all of the energy around campus, I got to enjoy all of the energy that my first graders gave me as they did their math with Lucky Charms, wore their green (and pinched those who didn’t), and enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day stories and activities. 

And this is the beginning of my grown-up life.


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