Career Services

03.19.2014 | Campus and Community

Today I had my appointment with Career Services in order to talk about my life after the G-word.  My one piece of advice to you is to definitely meet with Career Services at some point during your time at UD—it is so helpful!

Even though you may have a general idea of what you want to do with your life, it is always good to explore other possible options that you can do with your major, just in case.  In being a senior, I have definitely started experiencing that “quarter life crisis” moment in which you no longer feel like you have any clue as to what you are doing with your life. And that is how I came to make this appointment in the first place.

Yes, I love teaching and yes, I want to change the lives of my students as well as making an impact on our world.  But, I’m not going to deny that there are moments when I have wondered if it is truly right for me.  The problem is that I have always held many different interests, so I don’t feel like I only want to do one thing for the rest of my life.

In holding my personal training job this year, I have realized that I would love to hold a career in a health related field as well, such as corporate wellness, wellness coaching, or another related area.

And that’s why I recommend visiting Career Services.  Tonight I was presented with many options that I can pursue with a degree in Education, such as corporate job training, the possibility of grad school for physical therapy, and many other jobs that I didn’t even consider to be possibilities.  So, don’t feel tied down in a degree, chances are that there are many other jobs that you can do with that particular degree!


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