05.23.2013 | International

Today was my first full day in Firenze, which is how Florence is known to Italians.  It was also the first day of class, which let me tell you, was not an easy feat with the whole jet lag/time change thing.  Florence is six hours ahead of the US.  I can’t tell you much about class, because I was definitely in a fog the majority of the day.  What I can tell you is that Italy is beautiful!

We explored around a little bit today, seeing some churches, the duomo, trying out espresso (not a fan!) and my personal favorite—the Gelato festival!  Florence is known for having the best gelato in Italy, since it was discovered in this beautiful city! Each year a Gelato Festival is held where you get to try new flavors before they hit the shops.  Today I had one of their gelato “mocktails” which was a sour cherry and banana flavor-yum!

Then, we went back to our hotel to unpack and relax, doing everything in our power to not nap! At night we had a group dinner at a restaurant known as La Spada.  This is where we would be eating a lot of our meals.  Oh, Florence is also known for having the best food in Italy—it’s a win-win situation.  Dinner is a very different process to Italians and can last many hours.  Since the meals at La Spada are provided by the program fee, we don’t have the stress of ordering.  Rather, we just eat whatever is placed in front of us. 

Tonight, we started with spinach and cheese tortellini, followed by meatballs and peas, then finished with fresh fruit for dessert.  Deliciouso!

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