I See Assisi

05.25.2013 | Catholic

My one professor, Dr. Carter, had offered to tell us about whatever weekend trips he would be taking in case we wanted to join.  Today, he told us that he had planned on going to Assisi.  I was in, so last night we bought our train tickets and early this morning we hopped on a train to explore a new city!

Once we got to the train station, we had to buy bus tickets to take us up the hill of Assisi.  We got to see St. Francis’ church and the place where he died, which was pretty cool.  In fact, we even went to mass there which was especially awesome, since it was in Italian.  Then, we went to St. Claire’s Basilica as well as St. Francis’ Basilica.  Both of the basilicas had the tombs of St. Claire and of St. Francis.  In addition, there was a lock of St. Claire’s hair, her wooden pillow for penance, and St. Francis’ tunic and hair shirt worn for penance. 

It is so difficult to write about this experience in a blog because it was absolutely amazing to see all of the frescoes in the basilica as well as the remnants of the saints.  The view from the top of the hill was gorgeous and was truly Tuscan.  Unfortunately, the majority of the day it poured rain and all of us were soaked to the core...but nothing could ruin the experience of seeing Assisi!

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