Rocket Power!

05.26.2013 | International

It’s my fifth day in Florence and today some friends and I just relaxed.  I forgot to mention my group that I’ve been traveling with!  There are twenty six of us—20 girls and 6 boys.  The majority of us are in Education, however we have some Political Science majors, a physics major, and a biomedical engineering major.  So far, I really like everyone and it’s honestly a great group of people.

So, today we did some of our assigned reading outside, which is actually really hard to find in Florence as there aren’t very many green spaces or benches so we ended up reading outside of a church.  However, pigeons are everywhere in Italy which has been grossing out quite a few of us because they get really close to you.  So, while we were reading, we were also constantly kicking our feet around so that the pigeons wouldn’t rub up on our legs—total tourist move, we know!

Then, we went to lunch because we were all craving some salads and bruschetta (which they pronounce brew-sket-ta).  I hadn’t had a salad yet so I ordered the rocket salad, thinking that I should try something new and exciting that can only be found in Italy.  A warning: rocket is a really peppery flavored lettuce which requires a very acquired taste—I was not a fan and neither were my friends who had stolen a bite of mine. 

It was a little windy and we were eating outside, so eventually my lettuce was blowing around, leading us to make the joke that it was launching off because, you know—“rocket” salad.  Luckily, our dinner was much better as we went with a large group of girls to a restaurant known as “The Cat and the Wolf” based off of Pinocchio (which was written in Florence, by the way!)

Here, we had some veggie soup and pesto gnocchi.  Our waiters were a lot of fun and brought us all a round of limoncello on the house-to cleanse the palate.  Overall it was a really good time and fun to hang out and get to know more people in my group.  Afterwards, we went to the Gelato Festival for some chocolate ganache flavored gelato which has been my favorite flavor so far.


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