25 Years and Counting...


Today is my parents' 25th wedding anniversary. I cannot say how fortunate I am that my parents are still together, especially throughout 25 years. With divorce so prevalent, nowadays, I am so lucky that I have been able to witness true love and all that it endures.

My parents met at a Halloween party and were pretty much opposites when they met. However, throughout the years they have grown so close together and my brother and I have been very lucky to be surrounded by so much love. I am part of a family that has a rare aspect to it...no one in my entire family has ever been divorced and I find that astounding. Witnessing my parents throughout the years has shown me how much my family values marriage and the qualities that make a marriage last.

I will be very lucky if I get to have a 25th anniversary whenever I am older. Thank you, mom and dad, for demonstrating that love still exists and that we just have to look hard to find it. Happy Anniversary!