A Christmas Celebration!

01.01.2012Today, my friends and I decided to have our Christmas get together and gift exchange before things get too crazy with finals. We started off the evening by going to Dewey’s for a nicer dinner. Luckily, we got there pretty early, as Dewey’s tends to get packed on Saturday evenings, so we only had to wait about ten minutes for a table, instead of over an hour. We talked and enjoyed our pizza and salads and enjoyed the moment. Then, we headed over to Milano’s for dessert. We all had a taste for one thing in particular—their chocolate chip cookie a la mode. This is pretty much one of the best desserts ever, as it is a large chocolate chip cookie brought to you straight out of the oven, then topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. It’s phenomenal. After all of our bellies were full and content, we drove back to campus and exchanged gifts. This was especially fun as there were five of us, so there were a lot of presents and tissue paper scattered around. I got a pillow pet, a dressy shirt, the movie Man on Fire, yoga pants, and a lot of other little knick knacks that I am very excited about! Afterwards, we found the movie “A Charlie Brown Christmas” online and hooked it up to the TV (gotta love those HDMI cables!) so that we could watch it on a bigger screen. My one friend had never seen anything Charlie Brown before, so we all decided that this was necessary to our Christmas celebration. I had a wonderful evening laughing with everyone and getting into the Christmas spirit. Nothing beats good times with great friends!