A Day That Will Always Be In Our Hearts

09.11.2011IÂ’m sure that we all remember exactly what we were doing on this day ten years ago. And I know, for me, that I canÂ’t say that about any other day in my life. HereÂ’s what I remember: I was in the fourth grade and we were doing group projects. My group was in the hallway coloring our poster with bright colors and arguing about what colors to use next. ThatÂ’s all that mattered to us at that moment. Then, I can remember our principal on the PA system saying something about the Twin Towers being attacked. I remember being pulled back into our classroom and the teachers gathering and talking to one another. I remember them turning on our classroom television sets and I can remember some of them crying. I remember being picked up from school and my mom being upset. I remember that I was happy that my piano lessons were canceled. I remember our television being turned on as soon as we got home. I remember being confused about everything and not understanding any of what was at stake or what had just happened. As I got older, of course, I was able to understand the situation more and more. I felt sad for all of those families and every year at school I would hear about someone who knew someone who had been there at the time that it had happened. Now, at this point in my life, I canÂ’t imagine anything so terrible. I canÂ’t imagine peopleÂ’s thoughts on that day, whether they knew someone there or were there themselves. I canÂ’t imagine being that brave to attempt to save people or to be courageous enough to try to make an escape. I really canÂ’t imagine any of it. And all that I could think about on that day was the fact that I got to skip piano lessons and that I got to leave school early. I guess thatÂ’s what you think about in fourth grade. I was in my own little world where nothing bad could happen and where no one could get hurt. I was in my world where marker colors were all that mattered. And since I never understood the situation on that day, I would like to take the chance to say that I appreciate everything that our military has done to protect our country. I would like to thank all of the firefighters on that day who tried to save many lives. And I would like to pray for all of those who have lost someone in such an unfortunate way. I would also like to say that it is amazing how we were able to get through it and unite together as a country. Yes, it has taken many years and I know that no one will be able to completely come to terms with what happened that day. But, look at us now. WeÂ’re Americans, and we know that when push comes to shove, we can always come together and have one another to rely on and help us get through. God bless everyone, and God bless America. My thoughts and prayers are with you <3