A Glimpse from the Other Side


Now that I’m an upperclassman it is kind of funny to see things from the perspective of one. For instance, I remember going out on the weekends as a freshman and wondering how everyone knew that we were freshmen. Now, I can point them out like a needle in a haystack.

I actually find it comical how obvious they are. Freshman, here are some things that make you a dead giveaway:

1. You walk in massive groups of people. I understand you like to see everyone you know, but it doesn’t mean you should travel with your whole floor.
2. You carry too much. Huge purses are a dead giveaway. Carry a wristlet or a purse that’s small.
3. You look lost, confused, or scared. Try to smile!

Granted, I did most of these my freshman year and I’m sure once they become upperclassmen they will realize the same exact thing. I just had to share, because I found it quite comical.