A Grand Old Story Time

11.01.2011As part of one of my education courses we are studying birth through age 8. As the supplement to this course, I have been observing every Friday at the Bombeck Center which is a childcare facility right on campus! Today, I had one of my first major projects—a book read. Now, as simple as this sounds, you actually have to put quite a bit of thought into how you are going to read a book to a group of 3 to 5 year olds. First, I had to choose a book that related to the subjects they were learning about. So, I decided on a book called “A Grand Old Tree” because since it’s now fall, my preschoolers are learning about all of the different seasons and what events take place during the fall. Normally when reading a book, it would stop there. You just pick your book and then you read it. But, not whenever you have to read it to a classroom. Next, I had to think of ways that would keep all of the students actively engaged in the book. Thus, I came up with some hand movements and props like seed pods and a stuffed bird that I would also incorporate into my book. Okay, so I must be done now, right? Nope! Because now I had to find a way to read the book that would keep the students interested. Inflection is very important whenever you are reading to young children. Oh, and one more thing, you always have to make sure that you explain some of the vocabulary words or have the children guess what they think certain words mean. So...book? Check. Props and hand movements? Check. Voice inflection? Check. Vocabulary words? Check. Now I could finally read my book! And I have to say that it went very well! I was a little nervous, because you are graded based on how many students in the class are paying attention every minute that you read. But throughout that whole time period, I only had one student that was not always actively engaged, which I would say is pretty darn good! Plus, I had a lot of fun and so did my students!