A Note of Realization

10.22.2010Tonight, I listened to two of my close friends play music together, one of them being my roommate and the other one my neighbor. We went down to Stuart's chapel and they got all set up to start performing. My roommate plays the piano, and my neighbor was playing the violin. They played so well together and the music they created was absolutely beautiful! There's something about seeing how much passion people have when they produce music that fills you with happiness. It's hard to explain, but I felt completely in the moment. I think the setting of the quiet church chapel really helped form an environment that was relaxed and soothing.

After hearing them play their music, and seeing how passionate they were about every note being played, it makes me want to re-teach myself how to play the piano. I wish I would have stuck with it, because I really enjoyed playing and I haven't quite noticed that fact until tonight. Anyways, even though it was a Saturday night, it was really nice to have a relaxed evening.

I just think that it is so cool to see your friendsĂ‚’ talents and passions about life. In a way, it makes you feel closer to them and you can understand their personalities a little bit more. I love how much you can learn in college, not just about your major, but about your new friends, and about yourself. If I didnĂ‚’t watch them perform tonight, I would not have realized that I actually liked playing piano and that I might consider trying to get back into it someday.