Alright, I'm Stressed


So much has been going on lately that I don’t think I’ve realized how stressed out I’ve been. But, now that pledging is over with and I have some more time on my hands to sit and think about things, I’ve realized that I am extremely stressed out and overwhelmed!

I thought that I would feel better after today because I had two big presentations that are now over with! But, I don’t. In fact, I feel more overwhelmed. Perhaps it’s because I know that I have my whole entire website and web presentation due on Wednesday. Or that I need to have my final project done for my one class done by Thursday and ready to present even though I haven’t even started it.

Or, it’s the fact that I have an entire book study project also due on Thursday in which I need to have three developed lesson plans completed. And then, on top of all of that I have meetings, finals to study for, and workouts that I want to squeeze in somewhere. But hey, it’ll all get done, right?