Another Move-In


Today my parents and I drove down to Cincinnati to help my brother move in to his new apartment. It was quite different from my Caldwell apartment, but still very cool.

My brother’s apartment is also brand new this year and was built from an old school building. And when I say old, I mean really old. The architecture is amazing and beautiful. His apartment is also a decent size, and I’m jealous that each roommate gets their own room (and there are only two of them). I also like his kitchen area because they get an island which I always think are fun.

We spent the day cleaning things, unpacking, reorganizing, and hanging up decorations. It is definitely a guy’s apartment, especially compared to mine but that’s what makes it interesting. Then, my brother made us all dinner and it was nice to spend time as a whole family again. I miss these times. After spending the whole day there, we headed back to my apartment to finish up a few more things before getting too tired to carry on.