Back to Class!

01.17.2012Today was the first day back to class. I lucked out because I did not have my 8am observation this morning, so I didn’t have to be at my first class until noon. Yes! However, I still decided to wake up on the earlier side so that I could go to the bookstore and get the background check that is needed for both my observation and my internship. So, I had a pretty successful day! My first class was Children’s Literacy and Literature and I’m really looking forward to it, because we will be learning about different types of children’s books as well as how to integrate them into the classroom. My professor is young and seems extremely nice. She brought us some candy and read us two picture books. The one book was about a child and their blanket, so she gave us each a piece of fabric and said that it could be our “blanket” to help us get through the semester, which I thought was really cute. Then, it was off to my next class which is Early Childhood Theory and Practice. I’m not entirely sure what this class is going to be about, because my teacher decided that we should have a luncheon on the first day which was really nice of her. She brought in sloppy Joe’s, veggies and dip, and an assortment of homemade desserts, including chocolate covered caramels. We did a few icebreakers and had to sing the song “there’s a spider on the floor.” While we sang this song, she passed out spider rings, and we had to put them on whatever part of the body or on the floor the song was talking about. Overall, my first day of class went very well. You can definitely tell that I’m in education, as not many students are lucky to have stories read to them and food brought in to class!