Back to School!


Today was the first day back to class, and Tuesday happens to be my most difficult class day. I have Group Decision Making, History, Philosophy, and Children’s Psychology—pretty much all back to back. However, since they’re all back to back, my day goes by rather quickly even though I start at 9 and end at 4:15.

The first day is always pretty easy. I like to call it “Syllabus day” because that’s pretty much all you do during your first day—read over the syllabus and learn all of the class policies. My teachers all seem really nice so far. Their classes will be tough, but they give you a lot of opportunities to succeed and make it clear that they want everyone to get an A.

My philosophy and psychology teachers were really nice and joked around a lot, keeping it light for the first day back. My history teacher was a little different and used the “scare tactics”, but I could tell that he’s not all that serious and that he loves what he does. I’ve heard that he’s a really good professor, so I’m happy that I was able to get into his class. As for my group decision making course, well, it’s going to fly by, because it is only a 5 week course. But I like that teacher too, even though it’s an early class.

So far, IÂ’m most excited about my ChildrenÂ’s Psychology course, because we get to observe children and learn about their behaviors, which I think will be really interesting and beneficial to my career as a teacher.

Tomorrow, I lucked out and my only class for the day was cancelled. Then, I donÂ’t have any classes on Fridays either, so this will be a two day week for me, which is the perfect way to ease back in to everything.

As for next week, I will get to start my Intro to Education class as well as my orientation for observing in the classroom, which is very exciting!

I can feel that this is going to be a good semester and I hope all of you had a great first day back as well!