Big Brother's Always Watchin'

10.20.2010ItÂ’s strange, because now that both my brother and I are in college, we actually have to plan when to see each other, which just feels odd. But, anyways, today my brother came to visit me and be shown around the beautiful campus that I now call my home. WeÂ’re not the greatest at planning things. And IÂ’ve noticed that at college itÂ’s very difficult to decide on times, since you donÂ’t really have plans ahead of time, and kind of plan spontaneously on a Friday night. We finally decided on 3:00 for him to visit. However, he hit rush hour, and did not arrive at Dayton until about 5 oÂ’clock.

When he got here, I showed him my homey dorm room, and then we walked around campus, which is completely different from his campus at the University of Cincinnati. After my “mini tour” he was really hungry, so I took him to dine in one of our lovely dining halls. He seemed to really enjoy the food here, and I don’t blame him because, after all, it is really good. It always makes me laugh though, because he is extremely protective of me, being my big brother and all. After I mentioned me going out this weekend, he made me promise that I would text him sometime on Sunday to let him know that things went okay and that I was safe. It’s nice, but I sometimes get offended because I’m smart and I’m always safe. But, I still love him for it. After dinner, we said our goodbyes, as it was Friday night and we had both had plans by now. It was a short visit but it was really nice to see him. I still can’t believe how grown up both of us are. One minute you’re being forced to be nice to each other and to share your toys and play nicely, and the next you’re trying to get together and be a part of one another’s life.

After my brother’s visit, some friends and I decided to go down to Brown Street for some Chipotle, because we were having mad cravings for a burrito and their chips and guacamole. I honestly think that it was one of the best burritos I’ve had—so delicious! Then we walked it off on Brown Street, by window shopping and socializing. I would say that it was a successful day!