Big Kid on Campus


I can't believe I'm an upperclassman already! Like last year, I was able to get early move-in again this year for peer advising. Unlike last year, however, I had no idea what to expect with where I’d be living or how to prepare, as I would be living in the brand new Caldwell apartments and no information had been updated online as to the progress or specifications. So, I would be in for a surprise.

Lucky for me, it was a very pleasant surprise! My apartment is stunning! It has all new everything, but my favorite are the stainless appliances and the washer and dryer, the floors are made to look like wood, we have a huge pantry, two full bathrooms, and two nicely sized bedrooms. One of my favorite things about our room, however, is that we happened to choose a corner room. So, in our living area we have two huge windows and we have a colored wall! I never understood why they didn’t paint the walls in every dorm/apartment because it really does make a big difference and brings a lot of warmth and happiness to the room.

I can’t wait for my roommates to get here so that we can start decorating. And I cannot wait to start cooking in this kitchen!