Birthdays and Stress Relief Dates


First of all, shout out to my big brother who turns the big 21 today! I cannot believe that we are already this old and are almost done with college. My brother and I are only fifteen months apart so we are very close, especially since we’ve gone to college and our schools are only 45 minutes away from each other.

The one thing that’s weird is the fact that we don’t get to really celebrate his birthday as a family anymore since he doesn’t come home much and we’re both away at school. But, nonetheless I called him and wished him a “Happy Birthday!” even though it just isn’t the same.

Secondly, I had a date tonight with two of my EDU friends to go to the Galley and relieve some stress. So, naturally, we all ordered delicious milkshakes and drank and talked our problems away before heading to chapter for the evening. I have to say that I feel much better than I did on Monday and I am slowly managing to get everything done on time. Gotta love Galley dates!