Bonding over Baking


Today my mom and I made the majority of our Christmas cookies. This is one of my favorite days of the year, because thereÂ’s something about being in the kitchen that creates an atmosphere for sharing great stories. We spent the whole day talking, listening to Christmas music, baking cookies, and of course sampling the cookies we had made.

I have really missed baking while at college. ItÂ’s one of those things that I enjoy, but take for granted. Honestly, I didnÂ’t think that I would miss it so much, but being back in the kitchen today was wonderful. Baking always relaxes me. It could be the good conversations, the Christmas music, the fantastic smells that fill the whole house, or just the fact that it makes you feel warm all over.

But, itÂ’s also exhausting! Today my mom and I made about twelve different kinds of cookies, and we still have to finish some up tomorrow!! The worst part about baking is the dishes. And we were definitely left with a huge pile by the end of the night. The counters were covered with pots, cookie sheets, bowls, spatulas and other necessary utensils. Flour was everywhere, and I always seem to get it all over me by the end of the night.

Overall it was a successful day of baking. I have great stories and many cookies to share with others. But mostly, you can always tell when it is a successful day of Christmas cookie baking, whenever you are exhausted, but filled with happiness—and when you are covered in flour of course!