Break starts with a BANG!


It’s nice to be on break, but it has definitely been busy so far! I got home at about 7:30 on Friday night and that was a really relaxing night. It was nice walking into my house that was all decorated for Christmas—even though I was a little bummed that I didn’t get to help. My family ordered Chinese and then we all watched the movie “The Other Guys” which was hilarious! Then I took a bubble bath and went to bed. So that was relaxing. But on Saturday we had our first Christmas get together with some family friends, so I spent the day cooking and cleaning.

Even though my day was a little rushed, it seemed like time stopped as soon as our guests arrived. It was really nice to see everyone and to eat some home cooking! We played some board games and talked and it was an enjoyable evening. On Sunday, we had our second Christmas get together with some other family friends. Actually, weÂ’ve known each other since birth, and our moms have been friends since the 10th grade, which is crazy to think about! I was very excited to catch up with everyone! The other great thing was that my mom was making seafood and some of my favorite appetizers! Some of my favorites that she made were taco dip, mussels, salmon, cheesy potatoes, and rolls. So yummy. My friends, my brother and I played some pool, air hockey, foosball, and darts, as well as some board games. But, mostly we caught up on each otherÂ’s lives. Three of us are now in college and the other two are in high school. ItÂ’s funny because I always forget that my best friend is one year younger than me. Anyways, it was really nice to share all of our different experiences of this past year so far, and reminisce about past events we have had together. Everyone is growing up so fast itÂ’s still hard to believe!

Then, this morning, my brother and I met an old grade school friend of ours for breakfast. First of all, this restaurant literally has the best breakfast you will ever eat. Honestly, their bacon is like a steak. But, we met there and caught up on college experiences and how classes are going. We talked about Christmas plans, current plans, and plans for the future. It was a nice start to my day. After that, we had my grandparents over for dinner. I really hope I have a relationship like they do someday, because they are just so cute and funny together. I love them to death and it was great to see them and talk to them. My brotherÂ’s best friend also joined us for dinner and it was nice to catch up with him as well.

Once my grandparents left, my brother, his friend, my parents and I all played a game of SPOONS. I don’t know if you’ve ever played SPOONS but it’s a card game, where once you get four of a kind, you grab a spoon, and who ever doesn’t get a spoon, receives a letter “S.” When you spell out the word “spoon,” you lose. Naturally, I got out first. As simple as this game sounds, it actually gets pretty crazy—or at least with my family and friends it does. During this game I have been dragged across the table, there has been biting and fighting to the death over a spoon. But this just keeps everything interesting! So overall, for being on only day 3 of break I have been doing a lot of catching up and visiting!! I’m not complaining though, it has been sooo nice to see everyone and be a part of family and friend gatherings. I enjoy hearing about everyone’s lives as well as telling them of my experiences thus far in college. Our Christmas get togethers always put me in the holiday spirit, and my heart and soul are now ready for Christmas!