Nov. 4th: Burr

I am not a fan of cold weather. The layers. The dry skin and chapped lips. The wind burn. Basically, I am a summer baby all the way, and it has been really cold on campus. ItÂ’s actually kind of embarrassing, because IÂ’m a Cleveland girl and the weather there is more harsh than DaytonÂ’s weather. But, for some reason, I cannot figure out what to wear! I donÂ’t like layering, so itÂ’s difficult. And, I SWEAR that it is 10 degrees colder on top of the hill than anywhere else on campus. The hill is literally like a wind tunnel, and at 8 o clock in the morning, every day it is not fun.<p>

Then, I come back to my heated dorm room and its way too hot and stuffy. You can’t win with the weather/temperatures here, but I’m used of that—do I need to mention Cleveland’s weather again? However, I do have to say that one advantage of the cold weather, is I have been able to wear my “glittens”—you know the gloves that you flip the tops over and they’re mittens? Those are one of my favorite winter items—they are just so adorable, and warm!<p>

All I have to say is...itÂ’s not even winter yet! I better invest in some warmer clothes!