Busy, But a Great, Adorable Day!

10.14.2011Today, I would have to say was the highlight of my break. My mom and I started the morning early, by going to the Farmer’s Market (which I have mentioned in a previous blog). I always enjoy starting the mornings like this, because it’s beautiful outside and we always come home with a bag full of goodies. Then, in the afternoon my two baby cousins came over because my cousins and aunts and uncles had a wedding to go to. So, we got to watch them for the whole day...and overnight! I have been looking forward to this for a while, in fact as soon as we found out, because my cousins are at such a fun age now: the boy is 18 months old and the girl is 20 months old. This means that they’re walking, running, giggling, playing, and starting to talk. Pretty much they’re adorable. My boy cousin, Ryan, is quite a performer. He does push-ups, somersaults, and dances around a lot. He also loves basketball, so he will try to dribble and shoot the ball into the hoop, which is pretty funny to watch, because he knows exactly what to do, even though he’s so young. My girl cousin, Emily, is more of a thinker. She will “read” books by babbling while looking at the pages and you can tell that she is often thinking about whatever activity she is doing. In addition, she’ll often just plop into your lap which is super cute! And she is quite a talker! Since it was a nice day, my mom and I decided to take them to a playground that is just down the road from us. It’s within walking distance from us, so we both had a stroller that we pushed all the way there. The kids loved it! Especially the slide and the swings. After we tired them out at the park, we came back and put a movie on and they relaxed and cooled off for a little while. Then, we ate dinner; well I should actually say that the kids ate dinner because it’s difficult to eat whenever you are feeding little ones! Since they’re starting to talk, it’s quite adorable because they now say please and thank you and tell you that they want “more” to the foods they like and “no” to those that they don’t (of course!). After playing a little longer, we gave them a bath (I don’t even have to say how cute that was!), read them some books, and put them to bed. I have to say, as much fun as I had with them it was absolutely exhausting and I'll probably be going to bed shortly after they fall asleep!