Carnival Time


Tonight my one friend and I volunteered at Edison for their “Carnival” on behalf of EDU. This is basically their “Meet the Teacher” night, however being an urban school, using the way “carnival” is how they get most of their turnout.

We worked at the registration table so we were able to meet a lot of different people. I found it sad because a lot of the students showed up without their parents, but weren’t allowed in until their parents came. It really shows how important some students find their education to be despite the fact that their parents may not show the same support.

I thought it was pretty cool because each student that showed up with their parents received a free backpack, library information, dinner, and had the opportunity to stay and play some carnival games. I felt that this was a great way to get a large turnout as well as provide parents and students with necessary resources to be successful in their schooling. I’m really glad that I volunteered.