City Folk Dance


As part of my internship at Kiser school I have been asked to chaperone the bus to the City Folk Dance rehearsal today. City Folk sponsors this event each year, where each of the neighborhood schools are assigned a special ethnic dance, Kiser’s is a Mexican based dance.

Most of the other schools had a very large turnout for this after school program; however we have only had four girls that have stuck with it. This made for an easy chaperoning trip. The girls were all very excited for this special trip to rehearsal and to practice their dance on the actual stage.

I have to say that it was very cool to see some of the other school’s performances as well as our own. The girls were very well behaved and it was adorable to watch them in their special shoes with their excitement as they were dancing. I wish them luck this weekend at their actual performance, but I know that they will do great!