Dance Partyyy!


After a very stressful week, a Saturday night out was much needed! And last night was a lot of fun! It was nice because my friend’s two best friends came to visit her, so that was a good distraction for all of us from our stressful lives. The awesome thing was that my friend got a “double invite” to a cross country dance party. Needless to say, we were pretty psyched. When we got there, it was packed!! And I don’t mean, “Oh, it’s a little crowded” it was more like wall to wall people, shoulder to shoulder, elbow to elbow, well you get the point. What did this mean? It was HOT. But, it was such a great time. There were strobe lights going, disco ball lights, and a great playlist (not as good as mine, but hey..they tried). Lucky for us, we got a spot by the window, so we were able to keep fairly cool. A con of standing by the window would be the fact that a lot of people decided to use it as a door, so you often had the awkward “someone’s head is hitting my butt” moment. But other than that, the night breeze was nice. My friends and I all danced and danced, which really helped get rid of our stress, plus we love dancing. I had an awesome night, and it was needed BIG TIME.