Fall Break Starts Early for Me

10.20.2010I was so excited because #1: Fall break started today after class, #2: two of my classes were canceled, so I was be done at 9:50am, #3: I would get to see my dog and sleep in my bed again! Considering my roommate and I were carpooling, and she didnÂ’t get out of class until 3, it was really nice because when my mom came down we visited my brother in Cincinnati for a nice lunch. Deliciousness. What wasnÂ’t so great, however, was that it took FOR-EV-ER to get home. There was a ton of traffic. A three and a half hour drive took us five hours!!

Once I got home, I was so psyched to go to my room, assuming it would be just the way I left it, and crawl into my bed. Uh-oh! EVERYTHING was rearranged!! This was not happening, due to the fact that I donÂ’t handle change well, especially when it didnÂ’t even feel like MY room anymore. For some reason it felt cold and like it no longer belonged to me. So, naturally, at 12:30 in the morning, I rearranged my furniture back to how I used to have it. Yes, I am that much of a control freak, but it now felt like home and my room.

Problem #2: My bed did not feel nearly as comfortable as I remembered it being. Apparently, I am now used of my bed at school, and my bed at home felt hard and generally just uncomfortable. It took a while to get used to, but I finally managed to get somewhat comfy and was able to fall asleep rather quickly.