Fall What?


Supposedly, we just had Fall Break, but it definitely did not feel like a break at all! That's one thing that gets me every year. It is nice to have a few days off, however it is such a tease. By the time you get home, unpack, and get settled it's time to repack and drive back to campus.

I feel like I never have enough time to become well rested, get anything done, or see family members which is a bummer. But, I will still take the break because it is much better than going to class AND I get to enjoy some home-cooking.

So, even though break was very short, I was able to see my family, snuggle with my dog, go shopping, have some follow up appointments and sleep in my own bed. All in all, it was a pretty good break even though it was such a tease. I definitely could have used a few more days...guess I'll have to wait until Thanksgiving!