Family Cafe Project

04.01.2012Tonight, my EDU pledge class had our service project, which has been helping out with the Family Cafes at Kiser Elementary school. This has been a wonderful experience and I’m sad that it’s the last one for this session. The kids are so wonderful and I was surprised that they remembered who we were—some of them even remembered us by name! There are so many different ages that participate too, so you are always on your toes and there is always something different! This time around we had set up different centers such as a board game table, a coloring table, a building block table, train tracks on the floor, and some math and reading materials. Then, within the last few minutes we all play Heads-Up 7-Up, which the kids absolutely love! This time the two hours went by super fast and I was so surprised whenever we were finished and all the kids had left. I definitely want to participate in these again sometime whenever I have some free time. As for now, I have the memories of the adorable things the kids would say to us as well as some cute pictures that were made for me. I can’t believe that my fraternity is now finished with our service project!