Family Dinner and Fall Walks

10.14.2011Today we had my grandparents over for dinner, since my brother was home and had to leave later this evening. We try to have them over for dinner every time that my brother and I are both home because we always enjoy the time that we spend with them. My mom made ribs and twice baked potatoes which are always delicious! We talked awhile and updated one another on our lives as well as reminisced about past memories we had shared together. There’s always good conversation in my family. After cleaning up after dinner, we decided to take a walk outside because the weather has been absolutely gorgeous around here and all of the leaves have changed color. I have a pretty big backyard so we walked out there and looked at all the trees and leaves as well as my mom’s flower beds and the small pond we have. My dog seemed to enjoy playing in the leaves. As much as I complain about Cleveland’s cold weather, I really like the fall, and I would definitely miss all of the leaves changing colors if I were to move somewhere else. When we came back inside, we had some of my mom’s homemade apple crisp which was also very tasty. It was a perfect fall day with my family.