Family Times

03.15.2012I got to see my family again this weekend and even though it wasn’t for the happiest occasion it was still nice to see everyone. First of all, I cannot believe how big my little cousins are getting! The little girl just turned 2, and my boy cousin will be 2 on April 4th. Both of them are very talkative and it’s so cute to hear them go on and on about everything around them. Emily now calls me “Jess” and tends to be a little bossy with pulling me around and telling me where to sit and what to do...but it’s adorable. She told me to sit on the couch next to her, handed me a magazine, and then told me to “read.” At this time she was also looking through a magazine of her own and would point to things and say “ooh, want that.” It was pretty much precious and she definitely gets a lot of her words from my cousin. Ryan, on the other hand, was discussing what he wants for his birthday. He decided to tell us that he wants “hoops”, “Buzz” and “football.” If you couldn’t tell, he is going to be a little athlete. Overall, it was a really nice trip home and it was nice to be home for two weekends in a row and spend a lot of quality time with family.