Fat Football Fiesta!

02.15.2012As you all know, tonight is the Super Bowl! I always enjoy watching the Super Bowl, because it usually means that I’m surrounded by my friends and family, enjoying the commercials, the game, and the food! In my house, it is a tradition to make a lot of appetizers and fun foods for the big game. So, my roommates and I decided to each make an appetizer and have some people over to join us. Since we don’t have a kitchen, we had to make something that would be able to be made either in the microwave or no-bake at all. I made pepperoni dip served with pretzel bagels, my one roommate made salami roll ups, and my other roommate made a cheese dip. Then, my one roommate’s boyfriend made cookie dough dip served with graham crackers. Everything was so delicious and it was a great evening filled with friends, food, football and a lot of laughs!