Feel the relaxation, feel the burn


This week the Recplex was offering free fitness classes, which is a great way to ease back into working out on a regular basis. My friends and I started off with going to beginnerÂ’s yoga at 4:00 this past Sunday. I had done yoga before, but it was their first time and I was curious to see whether they would like it or not.

We all really enjoyed it. First of all, it was a great way to start off the week, because yoga helps you to feel centered and it improves your focus on goals as to what needs to be done for the week. On Wednesday, we went to the Intermediate yoga class. This was a bit more difficult and required slightly more flexibility and balance.

I liked this class better than the beginner’s class, because it really stretched you out. I had worked out Monday and Tuesday of the week, so my muscles were sore and needed a good stretch—this helped a great deal. Also, since it was now mid-week, the stress had been working its way back up, and yoga helped to relax and re-center my body and soul.

Then, on Thursday, we decided to kick it up a notch and we went to the Pilates class. I used to take a Pilates class while I was in high school, but this was my friends’ first experience, again. Pilates is a much more challenging class compared to yoga. You have to utilize basically every muscle in your body—especially your core which includes your back, abs, and obliques (which are your sides).

Needless to say...it was intense. We did about 25 of every exercise, and by the end of the class my legs felt like Jell-O! But I absolutely loved it and so did my friends! My experience with these classes has led me to buy a fitness pass, so that I can now attend all of the fitness classes I want! After all, bathing suit season is just around the corner!